Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Music for ears

Here's our whole released discography for you to stream OR download (or both). Enjoy:


Here's Matt and Therrien's new band together as well! With Ryan of Soul Control/Wasteland and Chris O'Coin of Wasteland/Aerosols. (Similar to Relics, but also different. It's fantastic.)


Here's Michael's band Sobriety High.


And here's Matt's two OTHER bands, Vaccine and The Living City:



Go nuts.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The internet never lies.

So, we never update this and not sure if people read it, HOWEVER:

After defying the odds of hardcore and staying together for a few years with the same core members, Relics is coming to a close.

This means:

1) We still have some LP's and you're more than welcomed to get in touch with us via relicshc@gmail.com and we can mail you some.

2) We hopefully will be finishing recordings we have and doing SOMETHING with them. We'll let you know.

3) We have no plans currently for a last show, but I can certainly see us having one perhaps?

4) Tune in and stay tuned to our other projects: Matt is in Vaccine, Michael has Sobriety High, and I've heard some discussions of types of bands Therrien is in the works with, and shit they sound awesome.

- Relics

Sunday, December 13, 2009


3 new songs off of the "We Owe Ourselves This" LP have been posted on the Relics myspace. Old Lows, The Great Divide, and East Hell. The LP is still available from Clean Plate and Galambis Records.

Upcoming releases:
A new track titled "It Hangs" will be coming out on the "Wild Wild West" cassette comp. It is a compilation of a bunch of Western Mass bands. Our good friend Jon at Galambis Records is releasing it. Other bands include Vaccine, Wasteland, Sqrm, Gift Horse, Ampere, Yak Snot, and more.

Order the "Wild Wild West" tape comp and "We Owe Ourselves This" LP together for only $15 at Galambis Records.

We have a new 5 song ep that we recorded at Headbanging Kill Your Mama Music in Louisville, KY with Chris Owens of Lords. This ep will be coming out at some point in 2010 on the german labels, Adagio830 and Vendetta Records.

New video from our show the other night with Raein, Ampere, Furnace, and Escalator at Amherst College:
Relics @ Marsh House 12/10/09